September 22nd – 24th 2018


This event is invite only! You want to join this unique gathering? Here is how you can still manage to join this fun group:

  • Become a sponsor, this allows you to participate and also gives you the opportunity to invite friends, clients, prospect...
  • Find a sponsor that likes you!
  • Send an email to this form, explaining what you will bring to this group.  Be fun and creative, so that you get picked up by a sponsor!

The Oktoberfest Gathering

Last year was the first year returning for The Oktoberfest Gathering after a 1 year hiatus.
Things have changed a bit and we are not experts on putting on shows/conferences/gatherings
but we strive to put on something great for everyone who sponsors or comes.
We think we did an “ok” job last year and everyone went home happy.
The sponsors gave positive feedback and suggestions.
The guests also said great things. But seriously, how can you screw up Oktoberfest!

This year is going to be a challenge. In the past Oktoberfest started shortly after the completion of The European Summit and was a smooth segue for people to come from Prague to Munich. This year Oktoberfest doesn’t officially begin until the 22nd of September (Saturday) while TES finishes on the 17th. We know it will not be easy for many people to stay the extra time and join us. But for those of you that can, we are going to love having you join us.

If we are able to lock down the tables for opening night we think it will be a night to remember. Plenty of time for people to arrive for the official Oktoberfest parade and then completely forget every memory of it after 5 or 6 beers.

We are also looking at coordinating an event somewhere in Europe close by to pass over the time if people are going to need something to do. There has been discussions about Bratislava, Budapest and a couple of other locations.

So please bear with us and we will try and update the site once we have information. And never hesitate to contact us with questions, suggestions, complaints or feedback.

You can also put yourself on the waiting list below using the contact form. We don’t want to be asses and not allow anyone to go but we will have a certain amount of room and sponsors will get first crack at who they wish to invite.


Schedule Info

  • Opening day of the festival. Details to follow

  • Details to follow

  • Details to follow. The only thing known for sure on the last day is that there will probably be some tears of sadness from some.


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